Sunday, November 27, 2011

Spice Cupboard

I finally finished my DIY spice jar project and had to share the finished cupboard. I had no intention of dedicating a whole shelf to spices ... but once I got started, and saw those lovely jars all lined up, I really couldn't help myself.

In addition to consolidating all my spices (getting rid of not only mismatched jars but plastic bags, paper boxes, and other random little messes) I spent some time going through the rest of the contents of the cupboard. Let's just say it was the food equivalent of a junk drawer.

Inside I found 4 containers (Yes! 4!) of oatmeal, some long expired; several bags of panko breadcrumbs; a myriad of beans and lentils; a variety of nuts, slivered, sliced, and whole. That's but a small sample of the food obsessions I found in there. What have you found when you braved the depths of your cupboards?
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