Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Spice Rack DIY

My spice cupboard is in perpetual disarray, filled with mismatched jars, boxes, plastic bags, and tins.  While I am happy to have the arsenal of flavors at my disposal, it saddens me every time I open the cupboard door to this eyesore and rifle through the mess.

Inspired by Adrianna of A Cozy Kitchen, I finally tackled a section of my kitchen that I hate to love and love to hate.

I wanted to get all my spices in containers that are not only uniform but also pleasing to the eye.  I have always loved the shape of mason jars and couldn't resist the opportunity to get a miniature army of them! 

I bought 5oz jars from Sur La Table and painted the lids with chalkboard paint. It took a couple of coats to get a smooth surface and I needed to let them fully dry overnight.  After that, I wrote each spice name on the lid in chalk and filled, enjoying the fall hues and textures of each spice as I repackaged it. 

Although I am not quite finished, I am thrilled by the look of my new spice jar family and so excited to start using them in dishes this fall!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Fountain sodas

There are some times when only a fountain Coke will do.

I discovered this year, while training for my first marathon, that the best way to mentally get myself through the last few miles of a hard training session was to picture an icy fountain Coke at the end. Something about the cold, the caffeine, or the sugar (or perhaps all of the above) really gave my spirits the extra lift I needed.

This Saturday I woke up with a deep and mismatched craving for both the fountain soda as well as a big plate of eggs.  Odd, I know, but the only place to go was St Francis Fountain, who satisfied on all fronts. 

We were early enough to get seats pretty quickly at the counter, a prime position for quick soda refills.  I loved the striped straws just as much as the red plastic cups. I had my eggs scrambled with avocado, cilantro, cheddar cheese and salsa, and appreciated the sourdough toast alongside -  not too toasted, not too buttered, but a perfect crunchy, golden accompaniment to my breakfast. 

I wish the St Francis were my little secret, but judging from the perpetual line of hipsters out front ... it isn't.  Oh well, like I said, sometimes only a fountain Coke will do!