Monday, September 10, 2012

The Sentinel

When I'm not sure where to go for lunch, I usually set out for a wander, and end up wandering right to the Sentinel, on New Montgomery.  Though it's a short sandwich menu, it's filled with quality ingredients and thoughtful flavor profiles. I always think of these delicious sandos when I need nourishment for the mind.

On Friday I tried what may be my favorite Sentinel selection yet:  chicken salad.  This version had big chunks of white meat, tossed in a bit of mayo, with roasted pumpkin seeds and a slight suggestion of apricot.  I haven't seen this on the menu before but I certainly hope I see it again!

Speaking of which, it's lunchtime, and it might be time for another wander...

Friday, September 7, 2012

Soup Junkie

Yesterday was a bit cold and gloomy in the Financial District, and I've been fighting the flu, so it seemed like the perfect day to try out Soup Junkie, a little walk-up on Market at Fremont that serves a couple Vietnamese soups, sandwiches, and the ever-tempting Dynamo Donuts.

I had to try the bun rieu, their #1 soup on the menu and the most-hyped.  A crab and tomato broth, with plentiful noodles, several pieces of crab omelette, and a couple meatballs besides.

I loved how they served it in thoughtful to-go packaging, with chopsticks, a disposable soup spoon, and the broth set aside to pour over the noodles at your destination.  My coworker ordered the beef pho, and the beef was thinly sliced and just slightly undercooked, to finish with the hot broth.

This was a hearty portion of soup and quite filling.  And while I normally prioritize the main ingredients, in this case I actually most enjoyed the broth, which carried the tang of tomatoes and the depth of crab flavor, but was impressively balanced and not too rich.

I'm totally into this place; I almost can't wait for another gloomy day to go back!