Friday, February 18, 2011

Chairman Bao

Red sesame bao; pork belly bao
More than a few of you know that I am obsessed with food trucks. I like to eat at them, look at them, talk about them, follow them on Twitter, and strategize about launching one (more on this topic later). 

Anyways, a recent object of fixation has been the Chairman Bao truck, whose integration of pork belly and witticism really tickles my fancy.  And for those who are also passionate about happy hours, their partnership with Bloodhound on Wednesdays is a practically perfect combination.  Go with a friend, share the 2 Bao and chips combo (crispy wontons with nori ... delicious) ... and don't forget the sriracha!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Bury me in an earthenware pot and come get me in three months; Namu was delicious. I want their kimchee on everything. 

We started with the shiitake dumplings, each handcrafted dumpling floating in the most delicate, nuanced, and earthy broth I have ever tasted.  We shared the plate and each had two bites but I would have probably stolen the others from my friend, had she looked away.  I will be ordering this again, without a doubt.

After the dumplings we shared some okonomiyaki. The server helped me learn to pronounce it properly.  It was a lot of syllables and a lot of food; a sizzling plate of gargantuan proportions arrived at the table. Like a deep dish pizza, each bite was expansive, savory, and heartwarming ...  and it took some time to identify the ingredients.  The colorful construction was made of cabbage, kimchee, Korean barbeque sauce, some beef, and of course the egg yolk we punctured and spread on top. 

In addition to the food, the service was exceptional.  The brothers came out from the kitchen twice to see how we were enjoying the meal.  The answer was, "Immensely!"

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


About once a quarter, I am able to take a moment to get out of my building for lunch.  Today was one such great day.  I was able to walk off some of Sunday's half marathon soreness and meet Casey for lunch at Sushirrito, one of the most currently-hyped additions to the SOMA lunch scene.

Three Amigos Roll
Imagine the flavor profile of sushi on the scale of a burrito and that's what you get at Sushirrito.  It has hints of deliciousness but in general too much rice (and not enough spice).

The Three Amigos combines tuna and salmon with avocado and tobiko for an uber-fresh tasting roll.  It comes with wasabi mayo which was hardly noticeable, but way more like mayo than like wasabi.   I would have loved either a side of soy to dip this in, or some dimension on the flavor.

Crispy Ebi Roll
The Crispy Ebi roll was way more my style.  Tempura sushi (irresistible) combined with a splash of crab meat, avocado, and sriracha crema.  It reputedly had pepperjack cheese as well as plantains, but I can't say I noticed either one.  And again ... I could have used more sriracha! 

Sushirrito was a filling and mostly tasty way to spend a lunch hour but I hope they make some tweaks to their proportions.  Next time I venture out, I am going to chase down a food truck for some JapaCurry or perhaps a little Chairman Bao, both becoming regulars within walking distance!  Check your Twitter feeds for locations by day...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Race Day Eats

Prepping for yesterday's half marathon, I had a lot on my mind. Had I logged enough mileage? Had I tapered too much in the last couple of weeks?  How was I going to deal with keys/wallet/phone as well as getting home from the finish line?  And of course, what was I going to eat before the race?

The night before, we headed for Emmy's Spaghetti Shack for a delicious and heaping plate of spaghetti and meatballs.  We were so hungry by the time we finally sat down that when the plates arrived, silence reigned at the table until we had had our fill.  Long wait, but so worth it for those amazingly carb-loaded bites. 

On race day itself, I woke up early and made a steaming bowl of oatmeal with fresh blueberries ... and a glass of cranberry Emergen-C in an effort to get, and stay, hydrated. 

Little did I imagine I would be dragging down the Great Highway in 80 degree weather just a couple of hours later!  In addition to taking advantage of the many water/electrolyte stations, during the race I enjoyed a couple Sharkies for some additional fuel.  The good news was, I made it, and in almost exactly the same time as my first (ahem, only other) half marathon.  There were moments of feeling really strong, and moments of feeling pretty weak, but I guess that's what the whole experience is about!  I wish I had turned in a little faster time ... but I have a few more months of training to improve. 

Yesterday's gorgeous weather was probably best enjoyed at the beach.  But, I was proud of my morning endeavour and it made the Superbowl beers taste that much better in the afternoon!