Friday, June 17, 2011

El Metate

Looking for a quick and casual dinner the other night after a workout, we stopped in to El Metate on Bryant and 22nd.  For less than $15, we got 2 plates to share and the ability to quietly enjoy our meal in a cheerful, brightly colored environment, more upscale than the average taqueria.

The chile verde tacos were delicious if a little over-salted, but I was more satisfied with the rice and beans which came sprinkled with cotija cheese.  The quesadilla, however, made me long for a quesadilla suiza from El Farolito instead. 

I enjoyed El Metate for a sit-down choice and a little something different but for a quick burrito or taco run, I am sticking to my old haunts.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Yamo noodles

Yamo House Noodles with Beef
Monday was the perfect opportunity to satisfy my post-marathon carb cravings with lunch at Yamo.  I had been eyeing the small noodle counter (on 18th at Valencia) for a couple months, and was lucky to get one of the six counter seats for a quick fix. 

I ordered the house noodles with beef, which came stir fried with scallions and topped with fresh cilantro and fried bits of garlic.  A tasty (but not mindblowing) treat, it was much improved when tossed with sriracha... all in keeping with my general rule, that everything tastes better with hot sauce.