Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I haven't participated in Halloween costumery for several years, but this year I felt a teensy bit inspired.  I am creating an owl costume as an homage to my favorite animal, and for once the idea in my head is actually coming to life!

I coordinated an array of brown and camel tweedy haberdashery fabrics (one herringbone, one exploded plaid, a camel stripe, plus a wide wale brown corduroy as an accent) to create the feathers.  After cutting fabric squares, I used pinking shears to create a feathered edge.

An overlapping pattern of feathers created my new drop-waisted owlish tunic, to be worn over brown leggings and short booties. 

The finishing touches, of course, are the shoulder-length feather earrings and the horn-rimmed glasses I will be sporting, in addition to the hipster owl accompanying me to my Halloween party lineup. 


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Roosevelt Tamale Parlor

What makes for a heavenly Sunday?  Rain, Philz coffee, and a tamale from Roosevelt's.

Yesterday was my first introduction to Roosevelt's, where a couple of hours before a big soccer game, I tucked away a plate of huevos a la mexicana (scrambled, with tomatoes, onions, and jalapenos) and a few delightfully tangy bites of chilaquiles.

This morning, I couldn't think of anything I desired more than Roosevelt's, especially without the limitations of choosing only what I could run on.  Thank goodness for that, because a couple hours later I am lying on the couch reflecting on the meal, my very full stomach, and my new favorite restaurant.  After eating their perfect chicken tamale, enveloped in the fluffiest masa and doused in a thick and smoky ranchero sauce, I can't wait to go back!   It was absolutely knock-your-socks-off delicious. I actually want to live next door.  Or maybe inside.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Lunchtime at Onigilly

Yesterday we working folk stationed near Justin Herman Plaza gained a new addition to the lunchtime circuit.  Onigilly opened a cart which will serve onigiri six days a week (barring Sundays) to those craving a briny treat.

I of course opted for the Lunch Set, a $7 sampler of the three rice balls they offer:  Japanese seaweed salad (hijiki), a miso eggplant combination, and a gingery chicken, served alongside edamame and pickled daikon radish.

I have always loved the crispy chewy texture of nori and found it a particularly interesting contrast with the meaty eggplant, as well as the salty, crackly hijiki.  There was nothing special about the flavors of the chicken but it was the most hearty and satisfying of the three choices and a solid way to finish off the meal.  I left the plaza thinking I was still a bit hungry, but quite sustained by the time I reached my office.  Lunchtime onigiri might be a great choice for me after all!