Thursday, October 4, 2012

Soup Freaks

Oh. My. God.  Hangover Soup!

If you're hung over, sick, tired, stressed, cold, or otherwise in the mood for a spicy soup, then WOW do I have the place for you.

Soup Freaks on Mission (at 3rd) is a cavernous place that I've often walked by but never visited.  It seemed far too large for a soup and sandwich place, and in the evenings without a lunch crowd I found this place really hard to understand.

But at lunch on a weekday, it makes total sense.  Even more so after trying this soup.

They start with a big wedge of white or wheat bread, add a layer of generous chunks of roasted (Rosie!) chicken, and ladle in chicken broth from their chicken/matzoh soup.  After adding red onion and cilantro, they lace the broth with a giant dollop of Sriracha.

I'll definitely be back for another round!

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