Friday, May 25, 2012

Saigon Sandwich

I finally made it to Saigon Sandwich, the place that sets the standard for banh mi in the city. I had never found it that convenient to get to the Tenderloin for lunch.  But yesterday, with the luck of a metered spot right out front, I finally got to try the sandwich I've heard so much about.

As soon as I walked up to the door, they called out for my order.  No time to weigh your options at this rapid-fire operation.  I ordered the roast pork (although next time I will get "fanci pork and pate") and watched the three-woman team work smoothly, one slicing the freshly baked French bread, one assembling sandwiches, and the other on register duty and general crowd control.

Toasted bread, that delivers a crispy bite but doesn't cut your mouth.  A slather of mayo.  Flavorful, non gristly roasted pork.  Pickled veg (carrots, jalapeno, and green pepper) and a pile of fresh cilantro.  All the makings of a delicious banh mi, but especially at $3.50 a sandwich.  I think I'll be eating in the 'Loin more often!

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